About us

Since our inception in 2014, enablED has been committed to supporting enterprise development to address some of the key social issues facing South Africa such as unemployment, homelessness, disgruntled youth and many more. In our young democracy, the need to foster small business growth to lessen the burden on the already-stretched national budget is even stronger.

enablED is passionate about creating an enabling and sustainable environment for start-ups and new ventures and contributing to the National Development Agenda (NDA) vision for 2030 whilst alleviating the failure rate faced by these SMME’s. We work as a partner to government in addressing some of the key issues that confront our country. By assisting enterprises in building the best possible supply and value chain, enablED helps them increase market competitiveness. We use the funds at our disposal in an authentic and transparent manner to help beneficiaries as identified in the NDA vision.