The team

The enablED team brings with it a range of expertise necessary to drive enterprise development and ensure the success of the programme. We understand the NDA and the role of both the public and private sectors in advancing social and economic issues of common interest. We work closely with government and rely on its support and that of the private sector to make a difference. Amongst other attributes, our team of dedicated professional has the following:

  • An intense passion for what we do and an entrenched desire to contribute towards the social and economic developments of our country.
  • Understanding of the B-BBEE verification requirements
  • A strong understanding of the challenges we face as a country
  • An appreciation of the role of everyone achieving a vision for the new South Africa
  • Broad entrepreneurial insight and strong business acumen
  • ¬†Enterprise supplier development expertise
  • Specialist expertise necessary in running a business
  • Sales, marketing and lead generation expertise