How we add value

How we add value to your business

Through our supply chain enablement programme, we are able to enhance the supply chain competitiveness and diversity of your business, and also to facilitate the creation of compounded brand value through targeted branding and marketing campaigns that position your enterprise as a socially and economically responsible business.

Helping you acquire bonus points

EnablED also assists enablers to benefit from bonus B-BBEE points in two major ways:

  • New venture creation
  • 1 point for graduating enterprises from Enterprise Development (ED) to Supplier Development (SD), (which involves actually utilising the services of an SME as a supplier)
  • 1 point for increasing employment by one or more jobs through direct ED or SD development

Benefits to the enabler

Our service guarantees the following benefits for enablers:

  • Maximum full B-BBEE points awarded for procurement, enterprise development and supplier enterprise development
  • Maintenance and improvement of B-BBEE level, even under the new codes
  • A value-added supply chain
  • An increased list of verified vendors

Benefits to beneficiaries

We offer a unique supply chain enablementment programme that provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses by providing:

  •  Increased brand awareness
  •  Increased insight into current business and long term vision
  •  Business mentoring and coaching
  •  Personal and organisational development
  •  Unique access to markets
  •  Product development insight
  •  Client insight
  •  Business development insights