Our approach


We offer consultancy services both to the beneficiary and the sponsor.

Our consultancy services are offered at an hourly rate and we do proposals according to the requirements of the client. We realise that not every company is looking for a full enterprise and supplier implementation programme or a full incubation programme. Our consultancy services ensure a more tailored package that meets specific client requirements


We assist sponsors with full implementation of their enterprise supplier development programme. The implementation of the enablement programme will ensure that enablers meet their required verification requirements. To view our full supplier enablement programme click here

Our incubation programme looks at the implantation of a full incubation programme for start-up businesses. Our programme also assists businesses that are currently operating in the informal business sector. To view our full 24 month enablement incubation programme click here

Employee to employer programmes

One of our current initiatives looks at job creation and creating entrepreneurs. Through franchises and mobile businesses we create job opportunities and identify from the employees those people that exhibit entrepreneurial ability. The potential entrepreneurs then go through an incubation programme that includes the transfer of technical skills and business acumen. Ensuring sustainable business models and job creation. To get involved or find out more contact us.