Enabling the enterprise








The Enablement Programme – Empowering

(enabling) the Enterprise

Our unique incubator programme is geared towards enabling sustainable SMME growth during the most fragile stages of business development by turning these into profit-generating enterprises. This programme aims to enable SMMEs to create their own funds and move these businesses to self-dependency. Additionally, the incubator programme encourages SMMEs that have achieved success from this programme to give back to the same process by enabling other SMMEs in need. Through this programme, we assess the needs of qualifying SMMEs and tailor-make solutions to address their specific needs. Much time is invested in getting the SMME to a self-sustaining state where we are assured of its success. To achieve this, we focus on the personal development of the entrepreneur in conjunction with the development of the business. After all, the entrepreneur cannot be divorced from their personal attributes and helping them grow as individuals has spill-over effects on the business and on the community at large.




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